Here’s a text because it’s been a while

It's 9 am and I wake up abruptly. Every morning. As if I was late for work. I scramble in my mattress directly on the floor of my bedroom (the landlord had promised a bed base when I visited, but later denied ever saying this, so here we are) to extend my body enough to... Continue Reading →

Interview with Winson Lee Wei Sheng

Hi everyone, here is a new thing we're introducing with this new website: interviews! The aim is to interview two people a month, focusing on travelling and life abroad. So, I hope to introduce you to other travellers, fellow expats, writers and the likes! Our first interview is with Winston Lee Wei Sheng, our first guest... Continue Reading →

New virtual beer koozie (inaugural post)

Hello everyone, bonjour tout le monde! Welcome to my new website. Some of you (especially the French-speaking ones) might be wondering why oh why have I decided to move my blog from the previous site to this one. There's a few reasons, but the main one was that I found myself losing interest in writing... Continue Reading →

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