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A Strange City | Session #5 | Liudolf’s Escape

It's been two weeks since my last post, here's what happened in our campaign! First of all, I hosted a session through text for Liudolf the Halberdier (played by Tuan), as he was separated from the group during the camp escape session. This is what today's post will cover. A little bit after being captured … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #5 | Liudolf’s Escape

My Water Genasi Backstory for D&D 5e

I've just managed to join a weekly online campaign with local players here. We're using Discord and D&D Beyond (all new to me) and so far it's been very smooth. We'll be playing in the Statera setting. I was tempted to make an artificer but in the end, decided to go with a Water Genasi … Continue reading My Water Genasi Backstory for D&D 5e

Ninetales’ Backstory

NINETALES Ancestry: Elf Class: Rogue Gender: Male Age: 22 Alignment: Chaotic Evil Deity: Nocticula Languages: Common, Elven Background: Criminal Appearance Height: 174cm Weight: 66kg Ninetales is a fairly tall young Elf. He is considered attractive even among the Elves and he is fully aware of that. He has pale white skin and pointy ears (like … Continue reading Ninetales’ Backstory

Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

It is now clear that I have a problem with getting over-excited. Some people wouldn't call it a problem, but when it leads to taking rapid decisions without consulting the person you share your life with, it can become an issue. Anyways. The vase mentioned in the previous post turned out to be like a … Continue reading Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

King’s River S02, e01 | Out of the woods

After a few months off, three players and the DM were able to find a suitable timeslot to return to King's River and continue building a story together. To save time and after consulting the players, the DM decided to move time forward. Refer to the "Prologue" section for more details. Étienne Bureau, the DM. … Continue reading King’s River S02, e01 | Out of the woods