Living with cockroaches

Sure, it's not an experience I especially enjoy. It's repulsive, to be honest. Every time I see one I get a little tingle of eew that reverbrates through my spine and down to the tip of my fingers. By now I know they're definitely not as shocking to find in my house as rats, and after watching... Continue Reading →

Bizarro world is in Vietnam

It's amazing how much opposites I have noticed when comparing Canada and Vietnam - and  I'm not talking about the weather. Opposites in life, in way of thinking, in how to deal with problems, in teaching, in every single aspect of life. I keep realising it when I talk about Canadian culture to my students. I... Continue Reading →

10+1 tips to survive your motorbike journey through Vietnam

Hello war boys, may you survive your journey through Vietnam all shiny and chrome! First of all, my credentials: I drove from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, both under rain and sun. Second, why I am writing this: there are a lot of people doing the motorbike thing these days, and a lot of them don't... Continue Reading →

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