Lore Spotlight – The Serpent Coast

In the ages prior to the War of Darkness, the Serpent Coast was mainly populated by Elves, inhabiting its large and sprawling forest that reached from the ocean coast to the West to the great Ganakas mountain range in the East, and from the edge of the Mubashnir desert to the North all the way … Continue reading Lore Spotlight – The Serpent Coast

A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!

Hi all, For this post I'd like to try something different: break down the session in a more mechanical way, rather than a storytelling way as I usually do. Let me know what you think in the comments. Session #4 started with Ninetales the rogue and Nhat the sorcerer coming to their senses at the … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!