Lore Spotlight – The Serpent Coast

In the ages prior to the War of Darkness, the Serpent Coast was mainly populated by Elves, inhabiting its large and sprawling forest that reached from the ocean coast to the West to the great Ganakas mountain range in the East, and from the edge of the Mubashnir desert to the North all the way … Continue reading Lore Spotlight – The Serpent Coast

A Strange City | Session #5 | Liudolf’s Escape

It's been two weeks since my last post, here's what happened in our campaign! First of all, I hosted a session through text for Liudolf the Halberdier (played by Tuan), as he was separated from the group during the camp escape session. This is what today's post will cover. A little bit after being captured … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #5 | Liudolf’s Escape

A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!

Hi all, For this post I'd like to try something different: break down the session in a more mechanical way, rather than a storytelling way as I usually do. Let me know what you think in the comments. Session #4 started with Ninetales the rogue and Nhat the sorcerer coming to their senses at the … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!

A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

This session started very quickly, with Nhat using Acid Splash on the locked door to little results, and then on the lock itself as my players (formerly students) learn how to play with me as their GM and to be more precise with their words. Past the door, the pair of pyromaniacs ran downstairs to … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

I just now finished DMing for 2 hours to 2 of my private students - two nice and smart persons who wanted to try out TTRPing for a while now but due to my depression, I'd been putting off. Here are the characters (portraits by Nhat)   Their backstories were sufficient and they fleshed them … Continue reading A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

It is now clear that I have a problem with getting over-excited. Some people wouldn't call it a problem, but when it leads to taking rapid decisions without consulting the person you share your life with, it can become an issue. Anyways. The vase mentioned in the previous post turned out to be like a … Continue reading Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

Minibots Arena 3.0 (Update 2019!)

For the two of you who are actually interested in Minibots Arena, no, I haven't completely abandoned the project. I've been busy with personal life and to be honest, the last few playtests I ran were okay but I felt like I was heading in the wrong direction. From the blogs and articles I've read, … Continue reading Minibots Arena 3.0 (Update 2019!)

Life in Vietnam

LIFE IN VIETNAM I was born in the countryside of Vietnam. So I lived there all my life until I was 18 years old. After graduating from high school, I moved to Ho Chi Minh city to continue studying in a university. I have been living in HCMC until now, for about 15 years. So … Continue reading Life in Vietnam