10 Subreddits for RPG inspiration

Here's 10 subreddits that I personally find awesome for inspiration. Battle Maps User-submitted , ready-to-use maps. I actually never use them but like to peruse them for encounters or settings inspiration. Battle Paintings These appear to be mostly depicting WWII-era battles, but I still like to look at them for their sense of awe and … Continue reading 10 Subreddits for RPG inspiration

Roleplaying Character Idea #1: A tattooed, destructive Half-Orc Brawler

Here we are folks, our very first entry/attempt at presenting interesting character ideas for your role-playing games, as promised. To inaugurate this new series I present to you my latest rolled character: a Half-Orc Brawler. Disclaimer: This class has not been play-tested. Also, Pathfinder is being used as this example because that's what I'm playing at … Continue reading Roleplaying Character Idea #1: A tattooed, destructive Half-Orc Brawler

Let’s try: Dawn of Worlds

2 buddies, in a land far away. 2 creative minds, looking for a new outlet. 1 Saturday night. 1 strange game. I hope you read this with your trailer voice. As some of you know, I've been living in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, since March 2015. If you've been reading my posts (of which … Continue reading Let’s try: Dawn of Worlds