A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!

Hi all, For this post I'd like to try something different: break down the session in a more mechanical way, rather than a storytelling way as I usually do. Let me know what you think in the comments. Session #4 started with Ninetales the rogue and Nhat the sorcerer coming to their senses at the … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #4 | Escape from the pit!

King’s River | S01 Ep02

((We picked up this session directly where we left off last time, but missing two players - the minotaur barbarian and the minotaur bard - who had family responsibilities, so a new player joined in to fill in the spot.)) As the trio of Tibalt, Gaotl and Fu stood at the foot of the limestone … Continue reading King’s River | S01 Ep02