A Shoony Witch! Pathfinder 2e PC

Goblin the Shoony, by Angus. Character sheet: Shoony Witch by Saigon Geeks Goblin the Shoony was an outrider for a local lord, riding a Neapolitan Mastiff into battle. Her squad earned their coin keeping their lord's countryside free of wolves, bears, brigands, wild goblins, and other pests that would, if left unchecked, ruin the peaceful … Continue reading A Shoony Witch! Pathfinder 2e PC

A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

This session started very quickly, with Nhat using Acid Splash on the locked door to little results, and then on the lock itself as my players (formerly students) learn how to play with me as their GM and to be more precise with their words. Past the door, the pair of pyromaniacs ran downstairs to … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

King’s River | S01 Ep02

((We picked up this session directly where we left off last time, but missing two players - the minotaur barbarian and the minotaur bard - who had family responsibilities, so a new player joined in to fill in the spot.)) As the trio of Tibalt, Gaotl and Fu stood at the foot of the limestone … Continue reading King’s River | S01 Ep02