Video: Playing MtG in Vung Tau

Hi everyone! Just a little post to share a new video we just published on our Youtube channel. I'm not going to post every time I publish a video, don't worry. I will, however, do it when I make new, different content from usual. So here it is!

MicroPost: Dungeon Keeper

Heya, folks! Check it out, it's Dungeon Keeper. This gem of a game came out in 1997, meaning I haven't played it for nearly twenty years. Contained in this here micropost is a link to the YouTube recording. Played this game before? Come have a look and enjoy the nostalgia with me! Never heard of … Continue reading MicroPost: Dungeon Keeper

Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep07 FINALE

I'll be real, folks, I've been watching Let's Play videos for years, and I'm fully aware of how much mine sucks. As an admirer of a number of YouTubers whose quality range from Big Name Studio level of production value to "a person recording in their closet," I have no delusions of where I stand … Continue reading Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep07 FINALE

Vietnam video Here's a little something I put together hastily to commemorate 3 years of writing, and the new website (I know, who celebrates writing with a video?). I'm shuddering at the fact that the cuts and the music don't sync, but I have very little to work with and was short on time. I know, excuses. Hope … Continue reading Vietnam video