A year in Vietnam

Hello everyone, it's been about a month since I haven't written or even touched Roadbeer. A collection of events and mindsets has contributed to this laziness/detachment on my part, but I don't see it as a bad thing. When I first set out on writing this blog I had a few goals. The first one... Continue Reading →

Ghost stories and creepy facts from Vietnam. Have a horrendous Halloween!

Hi everyone! In honour of my favourite holiday, I bring you ghost stories and creepy facts from Vietnam! This article has been spawned from the deepest pits of hell with the help of my friend Rose! We hope you enjoy it. First of all, a little introduction and a little collection of facts, legends and... Continue Reading →

10+1 tips to survive your motorbike journey through Vietnam

Hello war boys, may you survive your journey through Vietnam all shiny and chrome! First of all, my credentials: I drove from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, both under rain and sun. Second, why I am writing this: there are a lot of people doing the motorbike thing these days, and a lot of them don't... Continue Reading →

Studying in a convenience store

As I nonchalantly walk into the local Family Mart or Circle K to get a quick beer or snacks, I witness a scene that is normally reserved for coffee shops: Dozens of young Vietnamese are studying, chatting, hanging out. In a convenience store. Under neon lights, at bland, round and basic tables. Sometimes the tables... Continue Reading →

So why do you like Vietnam so much?

This is a question I get constantly. From friends while chatting, from backpackers while drinking, from students while teaching. There's a myriad of reasons of course, but this morning came to me as a good example... People are nice, and there always seems to be something funny happening (maybe because I'm easily amused). As I... Continue Reading →

New virtual beer koozie (inaugural post)

Hello everyone, bonjour tout le monde! Welcome to my new website. Some of you (especially the French-speaking ones) might be wondering why oh why have I decided to move my blog from the previous site to this one. There's a few reasons, but the main one was that I found myself losing interest in writing... Continue Reading →

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