Do cockroaches have souls?

Sure, it's not an experience I especially enjoy. It's repulsive, to be honest. Every time I see one I get a little tingle of eew that reverbrates through my spine and down to the tip of my fingers. By now I know they're definitely not as shocking to find in my house as rats, and after watching … Continue reading Do cockroaches have souls?

Welcome to Tokyo

Tokyo will never be mine. Over the course of coming months, I will try to make it mine and capture it like some wild creature I barely understand. But it will never submit to me. It will make me believe that I understand it until the day I am forced to let it go. On … Continue reading Welcome to Tokyo

Here’s a text because it’s been a while

It's 9 am and I wake up abruptly. Every morning. As if I was late for work. I scramble in my mattress directly on the floor of my bedroom (the landlord had promised a bed base when I visited, but later denied ever saying this, so here we are) to extend my body enough to … Continue reading Here’s a text because it’s been a while

Musings from the back rooms of the mind

Hello everyone, it's been a while! It's crazy how certain events in my life have an effect on my inspiration and desire to write. Since I came back from Laos, work has been very, very slow, and the temperature going slowly but steadily upwards means that I have spent most of my time at my … Continue reading Musings from the back rooms of the mind

New Year on Phu Quoc

Long have I wanted to visit this island, of which the reputation is on par with paradise itself. As a big fan of islands myself, it was with grudging resolution that I stopped my bike in Ho Chi Minh city back in March 2015 (gasp! Almost a year already!) to look for work as my … Continue reading New Year on Phu Quoc

Ghost stories and creepy facts from Vietnam. Have a horrendous Halloween!

Hi everyone! In honour of my favourite holiday, I bring you ghost stories and creepy facts from Vietnam! This article has been spawned from the deepest pits of hell with the help of my friend Rose! We hope you enjoy it. First of all, a little introduction and a little collection of facts, legends and … Continue reading Ghost stories and creepy facts from Vietnam. Have a horrendous Halloween!

Appearance is everything

I grew up trying to stay under the radar. Being a shy and not-so-big kid who didn't exactly excel at sports, I just wanted to avoid people's attention. I was afraid of bullies. I had curly hair. I was suffering from nervous twitches - in the face nonetheless. Somehow I managed to never get a … Continue reading Appearance is everything

Studying in a convenience store

As I nonchalantly walk into the local Family Mart or Circle K to get a quick beer or snacks, I witness a scene that is normally reserved for coffee shops: Dozens of young Vietnamese are studying, chatting, hanging out. In a convenience store. Under neon lights, at bland, round, and basic tables. Sometimes the tables … Continue reading Studying in a convenience store

Interview with Winson Lee Wei Sheng

Hi everyone, here is a new thing we're introducing with this new website: interviews! The aim is to interview two people a month, focusing on travelling and life abroad. So, I hope to introduce you to other travellers, fellow expats, writers and the likes! Our first interview is with Winston Lee Wei Sheng, our first guest … Continue reading Interview with Winson Lee Wei Sheng