King’s River ep 4: Rescuing Gaotl

In this episode Leo, Tibalt and Uz attempt to rescue Gaotl, from the clutches of the black lizardmen. Introducing: Muwafi, the Satyr Druid!


Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep07 FINALE

I'll be real, folks, I've been watching Let's Play videos for years, and I'm fully aware of how much mine sucks. As an admirer of a number of YouTubers whose quality range from Big Name Studio level of production value to "a person recording in their closet," I have no delusions of where I stand... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Novel Devlog 01 – Some Projects

Hiya, folks! Blankard here. As a fellow Sai Gon Geek (SaiGeek?) I've got my nerdy and geeky interests, a number of which overlap with Minibots over yonder, but a few that also do not. One of which, at least until something changes, is writing novels.   An ongoing topic the two of us will have... Continue Reading →

Making a custom MtG set – Where to start?

So you want to start designing your own custom MtG set. You have an idea for the setting and you've made a bunch of original cards which your friends think are neat. Great. Now create 250 more cards... daunting, right? Here's what I figured out for myself after a few evenings spent scratching my head... Continue Reading →

Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep06

Down in the depths of Lower Norfair. I always wondered about the naming conventions of this game, and never put effort into really looking it up because it's more fun to wonder. Norfair. Named as such because it's neither good nor fair...? Somebody shoot me. In Episode 6 of this Super Metroid Regular-Ass Run (SMRAR),... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Novel Devlog 00 – The Journey

Hiya folks! I'm writing a fantasy novel. This post marks the start of an ongoing series of "development logging" for a novel that I've been chipping at for the last half of my life. However, as of January 2019, I've decided I'm going to finish it, and I've at last figured out a number of things... Continue Reading →

Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep05

Heya, folks! Today's Let's Play Micropost coincides with the Super Metroid Regular-Ass Run (SMRAR) over at the SaiGon Geeks Youtube channel. This week's episode has us delving down into Maridia, a zone the likes of which I have utterly hated since childhood. Somewhere in that video, I edited in a scene from the 1989 sci-fi movie "The... Continue Reading →

Our Youtube Channel

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post to bring attention to our Youtube channel. In case you didn't know, Blankard and I are making a push to create content more regularly in the hopes of being more productive. Also, speaking for myself, I've been dreaming of living off my passions for... ever. That's not... Continue Reading →

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