King’s River |1st Session!

The heroes walk out of the city walls and are greeted by fresh air and rice fields. The land is dotted with limestone mountains. In the fields, people are tirelessly working. The gushing river follows the road and its sounds are pleasant to the ear. Ships of rowers, helped by a diplodocus, are slowly going … Continue reading King’s River |1st Session!

King’s River | Session 0

The protagonists of the campaign met during a town fair (definitely not a tavern). While playing dice games, they were approached by a scruffy man with an eye-patch named Roddy, who knows of a dinosaur nest. In exchange for that information, he will get a couple of coins from the heroes after they manage to … Continue reading King’s River | Session 0

King’s River | The Cast

Meet the cast of our current campaign, appearing in order of the number of sessions and how recent their last apparition was. Gaotl the Mighty (played by Jesse) A human barbarian from a distant land, he was freed from an underground slave flight club. He has the good people of King's River to thank. He … Continue reading King’s River | The Cast