Impressions: The Power of Ambition

This book is probably the exact kind of thing people think about when they imagine, in a derisive tone, what “self-help books” are. However, I really liked it, and as an avid consumer of ahem self-*ahem*-development, sometimes there are things that just stick in my brain better when I read them. Or, in this case, listen... Continue Reading →

Impressions: The Horse and His Boy

This is a work by C.S. Lewis, whom you may know as the man behind the Chronicles of Narnia. And, indeed, The Horse and his Boy take places within the Narnia mythos, but not within the land of Narnia itself. I don’t know whether it’s common knowledge, but I’ve always felt that most people know... Continue Reading →

Impressions: Alita Battle Angel

There are spoilers in this blog post. This is a dystopian sci-fi flick that came to me by recommendation of a friend and student. Having seen the poster and heard only minimal details about it, turns out I was left wondering how this had evaded my sensors. Alita Battle Angel is, first and foremost, based... Continue Reading →

Reaction to: “On Writing: How to Kill Your Main Character”

This is a reaction post to a youtube video which you can find here. Go watch Tim's video and feed him views, he makes good stuff! This video used Game of Thrones and Vikings to illustrate the concept of killing off your main character in writing. I think this is a valuable thing and I... Continue Reading →

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