A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

This session started very quickly, with Nhat using Acid Splash on the locked door to little results, and then on the lock itself as my players (formerly students) learn how to play with me as their GM and to be more precise with their words. Past the door, the pair of pyromaniacs ran downstairs to … Continue reading A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

Ninetales’ Backstory

NINETALES Ancestry: Elf Class: Rogue Gender: Male Age: 22 Alignment: Chaotic Evil Deity: Nocticula Languages: Common, Elven Background: Criminal Appearance Height: 174cm Weight: 66kg Ninetales is a fairly tall young Elf. He is considered attractive even among the Elves and he is fully aware of that. He has pale white skin and pointy ears (like … Continue reading Ninetales’ Backstory

A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

I just now finished DMing for 2 hours to 2 of my private students - two nice and smart persons who wanted to try out TTRPing for a while now but due to my depression, I'd been putting off. Here are the characters (portraits by Nhat)   Their backstories were sufficient and they fleshed them … Continue reading A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

The History of Crown’s Keep – Fantasy Worldbuilding

Work in progress For my players, King's River has been retconned as Crown's Keep - I found it too close to King's Landing from GoT and the two cities are too different. For people who are just here out of pure geeky interest, here's my attempt at fleshing out the starting city of my current … Continue reading The History of Crown’s Keep – Fantasy Worldbuilding

Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

It is now clear that I have a problem with getting over-excited. Some people wouldn't call it a problem, but when it leads to taking rapid decisions without consulting the person you share your life with, it can become an issue. Anyways. The vase mentioned in the previous post turned out to be like a … Continue reading Aquarium Journal #2: The vase update.

King’s River S02, e01 | Out of the woods

After a few months off, three players and the DM were able to find a suitable timeslot to return to King's River and continue building a story together. To save time and after consulting the players, the DM decided to move time forward. Refer to the "Prologue" section for more details. Étienne Bureau, the DM. … Continue reading King’s River S02, e01 | Out of the woods

Video: Playing MtG in Vung Tau

Hi everyone! Just a little post to share a new video we just published on our Youtube channel. I'm not going to post every time I publish a video, don't worry. I will, however, do it when I make new, different content from usual. So here it is! https://youtu.be/LMiT8DRHBdk

Aquarium Journal #1: The vase

Well, here's another hobby that I just accumulated. As I was waiting for my wife while she was talking with a mechanic, I crossed the street to visit a little plant store that was just waiting for me. As soon as I walked inside I saw a vertical vase with an aquatic plant living in … Continue reading Aquarium Journal #1: The vase