Murmuring Mystic – D&D NPC Conversion

A beautiful card made into an DnD 5e NPC


Video: Playing MtG in Vung Tau

Hi everyone! Just a little post to share a new video we just published on our Youtube channel. I'm not going to post every time I publish a video, don't worry. I will, however, do it when I make new, different content from usual. So here it is!

Mtg M20 Lavakin Brawler Conversion – Playable D&D 5e Race

Quick note: This article is chock-full of links, which offer a lot more depth. Click em! Something neat has happened in the past, when Wizards of the Coast officially put out a book, officially merging their two coolest universes together officially: MtG and D&D. Officially awesome. This text is divided into three parts: Inspiration, Design,... Continue Reading →

Quick update!

Hi everyone, I just realized it's Friday and there were no blog posts nor youtube clips updated by yours truly. With the increase of popularity in "geek" and "nerdy" stuff lately and the explosion of content creators population, a few months ago during a quiet work month I decided that I would give it a... Continue Reading →

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