dicebrew comic lore – World history

Hello everyone,

as you may have seen on this here blog of mine, I’ve been playing Pathfinder 2e in a homebrew setting (I’ve never tried a module) and have been slowly building up a world for the past few years.

Now with the recent addition of the Dice Brew comic I’ve decided to share a bit of the lore. I hope some of you find it interesting, or steal bits and pieces for your own games!

Keep in mind that I will be periodically updating this here post as my lore evolves and develops.

I will start with a rough history of the world as I know it. World name pending.

The Age of Exploration

Civilization develops and stabilizes. Various ancestries come into peaceful contact with each other and forge powerful alliances, allowing the conquering of wild lands and empire expansion. Stability offers progress in all forms of art and technology.

The Age of Decline

Motivated by greed, the so-called civilized nations of the world, once allied, fight endless wars against each other, leaving evil unchecked, which gave the Black Dragon Zonganor an opportunity to amass an immense army.

The War of Darkness

The Black Dragon Zonganor and his army of undead, goblins, orcs and other evil races attempt to conquer the world. Dark entities around the world see this time as their chance to strike.They are opposed by heroes of all callings, which in turn inspire the more powerful Good entities of the world to act.

The Age of Regrowth

The forces of Good – an alliance of angels, champions and various races – succeed in vanquishing the Black Dragon Zonganor, who had been looking to enslave the world’s population and raise himself to godhood. The civilized world must now rebuild, no longer benefiting from fruitful alliances and controlled lands. The world rests on a delicate balance of Good and Evil.

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