Webcomic Project

Hi all,

I’ve been working on an upcoming project with a friend from home: a fantasy-driven webcomic using the Pathfinder 2e system as its core universe rules.

I haven’t figured out a name for the comic yet, but I think it will be something along the lines of “Dice of +1” or “Square Rocks”, or “Rolling Cast”, I really have no idea (and it’s killing me).

This comic will be a way for me to explore the Pathfinder setting and further flex my writing muscles (in the comic form, my favorite media) and for my friend Francis to take his drawing skills to a new level. At the moment we’re aiming for one image a week, although we’ll see if we can stick to that schedule.

I’ve also been teaching myself how to color using Photoshop so I can lend a hand.

My dream would be to have everything we create be collected in a book that people could use as a d20 settings, complete with NPCs, monsters, adventure hooks, locations, etc.

Here’s a bit of stuff we have so far:

The comic will start on the Serpent Coast and should explore that area with a diverse, rotating cast of heroes created using the Pathfinder 2e system.

More precisely, the prologue will take its first steps in Turtlebrook, a quiet little hamlet set on the North bank of the Gleamwater Rivers.

Gaze upon our first piece of concept art! Meet Adan, the first protagonist. His design is subject to change as he looks a bit too much like Luigi for my liking.

Here’s Adan’s house. I think Francis did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else he’ll put on “paper” with the few, chaotic notes I send him.

That being said, be on the look-out for a regular webcomic starting soon on this website and other webcomic hosting places. As both I and Francis have regular jobs (and a family) we will definitely not be able to invest as much time as we want on this project, but since I have more free time tha him, I will probably fill lulls in activity with lore, character sheets and battle maps for you to enjoy.

I’ve also been meaning to change this website’s name yet again, as I’ve abandoned my Saigon Geeks Youtube project, which was the reason for the name change in the first place.

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m excited.

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