A Strange City | Session #5 | Liudolf’s Escape

It’s been two weeks since my last post, here’s what happened in our campaign!

First of all, I hosted a session through text for Liudolf the Halberdier (played by Tuan), as he was separated from the group during the camp escape session. This is what today’s post will cover.

A little bit after being captured and knocked out by the Dog-Biter scrappers, The Fighter regained consciousness. He found himself tied to his own halberd, being carried like a wild beast by two grunts. Complaining that their catch was heavy, they put him down in order to take a break and remove his armor. They hadn’t noticed that he was awake. They were more worried about being separated from the rest of the group.

While one of the grunts went in an alley to relieve his bladder, the other one stepped a few meters away to smoke his herb, staring at the night’s sky. After all, these savage men had lives before they arrived here, and must probably wonder about their previous lives when given the chance to relax.

Seizing his opportunity, Liudolf managed to undo his bindings, grab his elven halberd and rushed to attack the man peeing. The first hit took him by surprise, almost cutting him in half. The second hit completed the gruesome job.

Hearing A cry of pain, the now stoned man turned around to see Liudolf staring at him, blood dripping from his weapon. The murderous fighter simply asked: “well, do you want some too?”.

The scared grunt ran away, going through the dark empty streets of the strange city as fast as he could.

Liudolf proceeded to loot the dead corpse. After being captured, he lost his trusty bow and any equipment that wasn’t his armor or halberd. On the dead man he found the signature claw-weapon of the Dog-Biters and 2 pieces of gold, which he pocketed. Focused on the task however, he didn’t notice someone sneaking up on him.

“Give me that money if you want to live”.

The voice was high-pitched. A young girl? The fighter thought.

Disobeying the order, Liudolf turned around quickly, brandishing his halberd and saw a halfling in dark-brown leather armor covered by a dark-blue hood and cloak.

“Look at this dead man. Do you want the same to happen to you?”

The halfling woman stared at him from beneath her hood.

“Do you think I’d be stupid enough to mug you on my own?” she asked coldly.

The warrior quickly looked up to the roofs to see two more humanoids of small stature pointing arrows at him.

“Shit” is all he said before turning around and running out of the alley, back into the main street.

As the fighter turned tail, the mugger attempted a quick stab but the blade was deflected by the warrior’s armor. As he ran down the cobbled, abandoned street, the fighter saw one arrow fly past him before feeling a pinch of pain in the back of his right thigh: a projectile hit him, piercing the armor and grazing his leg lightly. Just a scratch, he thought. He kept running.

Soon he reached the smoking ruins of the tower his party had accidentally burned down on their arrival day. He noticed that his attackers stopped chasing him when he got close to the pile of rubble.

A rumble in the ground. The pile of rocks that was once a building started to move. Emerging from the ruins, standing taller and taller was a black shape that could barely be discerned, if only because it obstructed anything positioned behind it. Standing 3 meters high, the humanoid-shaped shadow seemed to stare at the human.

“Don’t go nearer you idiot!” screamed the small pursuers across the street, safe on their rooftops. Thinking it was a ruse, the halberdier moved closer.

The shade suddenly closed the distance and hit Liudolf with a silent slash that seemed to pass through him rather than hit him. The clueless fighter was hit by a wave of cold which started where the shade had touched him, and spread throughout his body. It wasn’t a cold feeling like the winters of his country, however. No, this cold seemed to come from an emptiness, from a far, unknown place.

Liudolf nearly fainted. Fighting to keep his composure he was able to stay conscious. Puzzled, he had no idea what to do and decided to throw the two gold pieces he found earlier at the Shade. The coins passed through it harmlessly.

The shade was about to take another swipe at him when four arrows flew from the rooftops. This time, the objects hit the Shade who screamed a strange, high-pitched scream and recoiled. Liudolf took the opportunity to once again turn tail and run away from the monster, towards the small muggers.

The halfling woman who had threatened him earlier now stood at the entrance of an alley gesturing with her hand to hurry, while her colleagues shot more arrows at the shade. “Quickly you idiot! What are you doing? You want to die?”

“You tried to kill me earlier! You’re no better!” Liudolf screamed while running towards her. He figured if anything happened, he had a better chance to defend himself against the gtrio of small thieves.

“We just wanted your gold, you oaf. Not your life. Duck!”

As she warned him, two large foundation stones were slung by the Shade. The first one hit the house wall next to Liudolf, caving it in. The second one hit the unfortunate man square in the back. The blunt force of the hit sent him falling face-first on the ground.

“If we take you with us, do you promise to behave?” the short thief asked in her high-pitched voice, reaching a hand out to Liudolf to help him up.

“Yeah, sure” said Liudolf reluctantly, slowly getting up. With this, the trio of muggers and the man ran away from the unnatural creature, deeper and deeper in dark, snaking alleys. The fighter couldn’t keep his bearings and had no idea where he was heading but decided to trust in his muggers-turned-saviors.

Soon, they covered Liudolf’s eyes with a piece of cloth as they neared their secret hideout. The halberdier heard a key unlock a door and was led through a room and down a trapdoor, where he was soon able to remove the cloth and open his eyes.

And take a long rest.



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