World-Building – 2020 Campaign

Hey all, this post is just to give more info on the campaign that my new Pathfinder 2e players are exploring at the moment.

We canceled our game this week due to the latest re-exploding of Covid in Vietnam. In order to keep everyone involved in the game, however, I decided to share a bit of the world.

First of all, during the last session, our players met an estrangled woman and her two children.

lady with kid

Màiri MacUrchadain and little Deònaidh.


Her son, Fionnghan.

Thank you Fantasy Name Generator.

They have been in the strange city for 4 days already and during this time have only managed to hide from the Dog-Biters gang and eat a few scraps of food here and there. When they saw a halberdier man lying on the street, the mother thought that if she helped him, he would offer protection in return – which turned out to be right.

That was the morning of the first session.

At the moment, hiding with the new trio of adventurers and waiting until nightfall (the rogue wanted to go look for that chest in the remnants of the burned tower), Màiri has a bit of opportunity to speak and get things off her chest.

She’s from a small village called Galnagh – doubt you’ve heard of it – and was on her way to the market when her world was turned upside-down and she was unexplainably transported to this peculiar city.

Initially, when Ninetales the Rogue had probed her for information, the young mother of two couldn’t remember anything. Now that her mind has been allowed to rest and shut off its survival mode, she’s finally able to recall and share information.

On the first day, lost, she and her kids wandered the streets of the abandoned city until they stumbled upon weird totems, marking a strange change to the city… the buildings behind it were much more of a ruinous state and nature seems to have started taking over.


Scared, the lost family decided to turn back – that’s when they had their first encounter with the dog-biters gang. After hearing a strange howl, the estrangled group watched as a savage-looking individual showed herself.


Màiri wasn’t sure if the howl had been a sign of caution from one mother to another but soon after, she found herself running for her life under a rain of pebbles, as she and her children got lost in quiet and uncaring alleys until she found the unlocked tower where she would later meet the adventurers, and hid for a full night and a full day, not daring to move.

That night, she heard animal sounds that reminded her of boars, wolves, and other creatures she had never encountered before. She also heard and felt, heavy, weighty footsteps and the cries of humans and animals dying a violent death in the distance.

Over the next few days and nights, she ventured out with her children to find food. Always, strange pots dispensed unlimited food and water but she didn’t care take the containers themselves, fearing the magic that powered these artifacts. Always, she returned to that tower to hide and wait out the night, speaking soothing words softly to her children.


The red tower is where the heroes met. The star indicates where they are hiding at the time of the last session’s end.

I hope you enjoyed this text! Feel free to ask questions!

I’m working on a wider map at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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