A Strange City | Session #2 | The Dog Biters

This session started very quickly, with Nhat using Acid Splash on the locked door to little results, and then on the lock itself as my players (formerly students) learn how to play with me as their GM and to be more precise with their words.

Past the door, the pair of pyromaniacs ran downstairs to the ground floor which seemed empty and dark, safe from scattered wooden crates. Always, the corners and ceilings were covered in cobwebs. From outside, behind a closed window and curtains they heard someone with an Australian accent say “I swea’! I saw them run in ‘ere!” so instinctively the Rogue went to hide under the staircase, by the window.

Unbeknownst to them, already in the room were a mother and her two children scared witless, and the man they had just saved by telling him to follow them into hiding. He was a halberdier, came from a distant, sandy land.

110319618_3062103973909403_1247953351277518893_n (1)


Upon seeing the pair walk down the stairs and hearing of the upcoming danger, he decided to run to one of the children at the opposite end of the room and grab him in an attempt to make for the backdoor he had just spotted. “Run, lady!” were his only words.

Spotting them, the sorcerer Nhat peacefully walked towards them with a big smile in an effort to calm the children down, until he started calling them “my pets”.

Screenshot (1)

Suddenly the window shattered and a ragged man climbed through, growling like a dog.

Screenshot (3)

He was immediately attacked by the concealed rogue, who pounced on him from beneath the staircase and stabbed him twice with his daggers before retreating deeper into the abandoned room.


The ragged man followed in pursuit and managed a scratch on the street urchin before being finished by a few Acid Splashes from the sorcerer.

At the other side of the room, close to the Halberdier, the other window glass shattered and a second growling, rugged man climbed through but was met by the halberdier who quickly pushed him back.


The mother, holding her very young daughter, reached the back door, only to discover that it was locked. A brief moment of panic settled on the group.

The rogue stealthily got closer to the new bandit and with a well-placed shuriken thrown from the shadows, disposed of that new threat, just as the double front doors of the building were kicked open. The oldest of the two children ran to the fresh corpse and grabbed one of the claw weapons worn by the savage warriors.


Two more Scrappers walked in, howling and trying to intimidate the people inside who were trying their best to hide.


They tried to recruit the halberdier to their ranks but failed and seeing two of their pack battered and dead, promptly decided to make a run for it.

As soon as the ragged men were out of the building, the sorcerer attempted to grab the children from their mother, but she had been hiding a knife and managed to give him a warning slash. The sorcerer’s familiar, a grey viper with pink and blue shine, came out of his sleeve, threatening the woman, but the halberdier too, gave it a warning hit.

(At this point, as the DM, I’m expecting a campaign that will slowly but surely gravitate towards evil vs evil)

The woman, in tears and panicked, blurted out “We don’t have time for this! The Dog-Biters gang will be back with more!” and gathered her children before running out.

Following this, the rest of the group ran out of the building into the seemingly deserted city.

Rough pebblestone streets linked blocks and blocks of stone-and-timber houses, all built tightly, very close to each other but all separated by narrow dark alleys.

It’s in one of these alleys that the mother led the rest of the group, looking for a new hide-out. Finally, after finding an unlocked door into another abandoned house they were able to hide and exchange a bit of information. They found himself in a small, dark kitchen.


The woman quickly started exploring the small kitchen where they all stood and found a pot on the unused stove. Lifting the lid, she found hot potatoes and gave some to her children and the Halberdier.

“Where are we” was a question asked very often, to which no one had an answer to. “I only know this” the woman said, as she proceeded to empty the pot’s contents on the floor. Placing the pot’s lid back on it and lifting it a second later, she showed the three adventurers an astonishing fact: the pot was once again, filled with potatoes.

Nobody seemed intrigued.

“This looks like black magic to me” the rogue said, suspiciously.

Not much else was exchanged. The rogue, following the lack of information by the woman, called her useless after she mentioned that she had been in the city for a few days already but only managed to keep her children safe by hiding, gathering no information.

The mother stared accusingly at the rogue. “Oh, and what are you good for? I see your clothes, your dagger. I see what kind of man you are. What do you bring to the world?”


“Then you are equally useless, as death already comes to us all eventually. You bring nothing. You only take”.

Finally, after a few minutes, the group decided to all make peace. The woman dressed the wound she had inflicted on the sorcerer while everyone took a short rest, the halberdier keeping watch over this very strange party.

This is where session 2 stopped, as we only met for two hours. Thanks for reading! 

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