Ninetales’ Backstory

Ancestry: Elf Class: Rogue
Gender: Male Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Deity: Nocticula
Languages: Common, Elven Background: Criminal
Height: 174cm Weight: 66kg
Ninetales is a fairly tall young Elf. He is considered attractive even among the Elves and he is fully aware of that. He has pale white skin and pointy ears (like most Elves) and purposely-messy short wavy honey brown hair. He has big sharp almond brown phoenix eyes with thick eyelash under dark strong eyebrows, and it turned darker with unhidable joy when he is killing or watching his target helplessly begging for mercy. His lips are irresistible lusty thick and he usually has a sassy confident smirk on his face. All of that combine with his strong sharp jawline, Ninetales has been seduced many different men and women to his will and sometimes even get them to do his bidding for him. He sometimes continues deceiving certain men through means of acting if he still has a further use for them.
Ninetales is a bloodthirst criminal. Although he is a skillful thief that capable of breaking in various highly guarded places and stealing things without any trace, he prefers to make chaotic situations wherever he goes. He only do things silently if there was no other way. Despite his very young age, he has gained some reputation among the criminals for his talent. Ninetales is very smart and quick-minded, enabling him to respond with maximum efficiency and with the smallest likelihood of misjudging circumstances. He is an expert in many fields of hand-to-hand combat and with most melee weapons. In a fight, he usually disables enemies by quickly aims for weak spots and leaves them hopelessly suffer to dead. His favorite method of assassination is to damage their vocal cords and then torture them as he watches all the fear and the pain in their fading eyes without them making any sounds.



Ninetales is an orphan. No one knows anything about his parents. He was adopted and named by an Elf called himself Ethan. Throughout his childhood, he never thought of how strange his name is and why Ethan gave him this name.

Ethan had a dangerous looking with a big scar on his face. He was exceptionally skilled in stealing things and assassinating people and often took dirty and dangerous cases to earn money. He was very mysterious, Ninetales did not know anything about Ethan, not his age, not where he came from, or even his real name.

He taught and trained Ninetales almost anything he knows, and surprisingly Ninetales has shown a remarkable talent for a rogue. It only took 3 years for Ninetales to learn all the necessary skills to be a cold blood assassin and it is still horned over the years. When Ninetales was able to defend himself from other criminals and threads in the neighborhood, Ethan occasionally left him alone for several days for a mission and came back with lots of gold. Despite they were wealthy, they preferred to sleep on the streets and they repeatedly moved from city to city.

When Ninetales was around 12 years old, Ethan suddenly disappear without a trace. Ninetales has done anything he could to find him but it seemed like Ethan were not even existed, not even the underworld has any clue about this man. After years of searching, Ninetales decided to stop at Absalom as he gains his reputation of a criminal here.

Level 1
Skill Feat: Terrain Stalker Rubble
Heritage: Whisper Elf Finely tuned ears
Class Feat: Quick Draw Draw weapon and attack with 1 motion
Ancestry Feat: Nimble Elf Speed increases by 5 feet
Low light vision See clearly in dim light
Sneak Attach Deal extra damage on flat-footed foe
Surprise Attack On 1st round of combat, if roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, foes that haven’t acted are flat-footed
Free Feat: Experienced Smuggler



Level 2
Skill Feat: Quick Squeeze Squeeze 5 feet per round
Class Feat: Twin Feint Make one Strike with each of 2 melee weapons against the same target, the target is automatically flat-footed against the 2nd attack


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