A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

I just now finished DMing for 2 hours to 2 of my private students – two nice and smart persons who wanted to try out TTRPing for a while now but due to my depression, I’d been putting off.

Here are the characters (portraits by Nhat)


Ninetails – Rogue Elf – lvl 2 – Criminal background


Nhat – Sorcerer Half-Elf – lvl 2 – Animal Whisperer background.


Their backstories were sufficient and they fleshed them out as we played… and things took a turn for the dark real quick. Here is Ninetales’ backstory, written by its player Khoa.

Very quickly though, Ninetails was abandoned as a babe and was adopted by a homeless man who taught him how to steal and survive on the streets.
He’s been doing well pretty well for himself, doesn’t need to steal food to survive as his pockets have a few gold coins from his last heist, and he prefers to live on the streets.

Nhat’s father was an elf, and his mother was a human. The human side of the family didn’t like the elf and one day killed the husband. Following this, the mother and infant Nhat ran to the woods where they’ve been living ever since.


The campaign started with both individuals minding their own business, one in the city and the other in the forest when suddenly the sky turned black. Not night-dark but rather pitch-black. Colors started to disappear (like in the Tsukuyomi technique from Naruto) and both adventurers felt light-headed until they fainted.

download (1)

The Tsukuyomi dimension

When Ninetails woke up, he was laying on his back, on a hard surface. He heard coughing. His reflex was to take out his dagger and go for the stab.

Nhat’s familiar viper with her fast reflex sprang out of her master’s sleeve and tried to bite the attacker’s wrist but missed.

At this point, both adventurers took some time to get to know each other nervously, slowly. After quick introductions, they realized that they were standing outside, on a rooftop, on the 5th floor of a tower in the middle of a city that wasn’t Ninetails’ hometown.

Ninetails, being an experienced cat-burglar, climbed down from the roof effortlessly and was able to open a locked window and find secure footing in the abandoned attic.

Nhat, having never been in a building besides the treehouse where he lived with his mother, was able to climb down as well after watching the rogue do it first. While they were wondering what to do, a pigeon came to rest on the window sill and Nhat took the opportunity to ask it a few questions.

Nhat: “Hi! Where am I?”
Pigeon: “A room!”
Ninetails: “It’s a pigeon, what did you expect”
*laughs, disappointment
Nhat: “Do you know if I’m far from my forest?”
Pigeon: “I’ve never been out of this city! I guess I’m moving in this attic now, let me go get my friends!”

At this point, the rogue found a trapdoor on the floor and after giving a careful listen to his surroundings, opened it and jumped down. All he had heard was far-away sounds of metal clashing, and a faint voice coming from a few floors down.

He found himself standing in an abandoned study where he saw a large bookshelf, a single bed, a chair and small table, and a chest. The sorcerer followed him through the floor trap.

The rogue went to work looking for valuables when he realized that he couldn’t recognize the alphabet on any of the books. The sorcerer found a book written in draconic that looked valuable and was pocketed. Ninetails then went to work on the chest but didn’t pick the lock and asked the sorcerer if he had any hidden talents to help open the chest.

Nhat nodded solemnly and spat fire at the chest, which promptly caught fire. While they were arguing about their choices of actions the fire spread to the nearby wall and surroundings. When the adventurers noticed they decided to run down to the 3rd floor.

They found themselves in a room that seemed to have been used for high-society gatherings. The room contained a luxurious table and dining sets, sofa, coffee table and an ivory chess game. The rogue appropriated for himself some silver cutlery while the sorcerer grabbed the chess game. Ninetails wanted to use the curtains to climb to the next floor from the inside as he was scared the roof would cave in due to the fire but after inspecting the old, rotting curtains, decided not to. Both adventurers ran down the stairs to the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor was a classroom, still abandoned and covered in cobwebs and dust. The last set of stairs to the 1st (ground) floor was hiding behind a locked door.

That’s where we stopped the first session, as it had already been two hours.

I had a blast and am looking forward to exploring this new world with them. See you next time!

*Edits will be made as the players submit character portraits and other things*

3 thoughts on “A Strange City | Session 1 | Teleported?

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    • Hi! There’s a few groups on FB that can help you find a campaign. I’m managing my own Saigon Geeks group but it’s not very big nor active unfortunately.

      There’s also a few cafés like Happy Box, D20 café, and ECS (Empire Capital Shop) that have been trying to set up adventurers’ leagues.

      There’s a serious lack of DMs unfortunately. If you’re willing to DM or GM you should have no problem finding players! I’ve been dying to join one.


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