Sorry for the silence, but…

Hi every two people reading this.

I’m sorry for my silence, but I think I’m done with the blog.

Long story shirt, back in April I decided to make a push with my hobbies to see where it would take me. I gave myself the challenge of writing one blog post OR producing one video a week for a month.

Well, with some help from The Blankard I was able to achieve that goal and even exceed it, so I decided to keep the ball rolling and make it a habit.

After three months, I realized two things: the Youtube channel was showing a bit more growth, and I was having much more fun filming and editing than sitting down and writing. In fact, writing felt like a chore that needed to be done.

I have enough chores.

I’ll keep this blog up until the end of the year since I already paid for the monthly substription (and I think Blankard wants to keep writing a bit) but in order to save money I won’t be renewing my subscription with WordPress (I also don’t like their new business model).

I don’t know what will happen next. I think I will lose the “dotcom” address and as I’m writing this, I kind of want to keep it for future endeavors (online shop?) but I’ll definitely not be writing for a while.

If you miss my stories, thanks for reading me already.

If you miss my pictures, I’m fairly active on Instagram.

If you’re curious about my next stop, simply head to The Saigon Geeks Youtube Channel or the Saigon Geeks Facebook group.

In other quick news, I’m getting married on December 1st (!) and I’ve been fairly busy with that. Following the wedding and the lunar new year, I’ll be making a harder push on Youtube in order to get some real growth. The endgame plan is to make it a substantial side income and actually spend time “working” on something I enjoy, for a change.

Thanks for reading me all these years, from Bière de Route through Minibots, to here.

I really appreciate it.


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  1. Bonjour Étienne! J’ai toujours aimé te lire depuis Bière de Route….Bonne chance dans tout ce que tu entreprendras. So long as the passion is there, the dedication will tag along…. 🙂


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