Murmuring Mystic | D&D NPC Conversion


Disclaimer: If you’re a player in my campaign, don’t read this post as it contains spoilers for the next session!

Here’s another MtG card which I instantly loved when I first saw it and after our last D&D session I decided to put him in my world.

Well, let’s get started and see how we can convert it to a D&D 5e NPC. We’ll approach this as a DM’s point of view, but I’m sure any player can adapt it and make it their own playable character.

The name of the card gives great flavor to the DM (or player) on how to role-play him. Here’s my take on him:

A homeless man of greying hair stands alone in the town square. When approaching him, one can hear him murmuring softly to the birds he’s throwing crumbs to. His hooded robes of dark blue are decaying and dirty but still easily identifiable as belonging to a wizard. A tall staff serves as his cane, and an old, worn leather book contains his spells. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the birds are softly glowing of an inner blue, ethereal light. The man’s eyes are clouded in white. He is blind.

His casting cost is 4 mana, so I’ll make him a level 4.

His creature type is a Human Wizard so we’ll go ahead and build him with this race and class.

On the art we can see a flock of blue birds. The mechanic clearly states that they are illusions but for a gameplay perspective I prefer to make them as familiars so I’m building him as a Wizard of the School of Conjuration.

To explain why he became homeless I’m giving him the Background: Sage – Discredited academic. It’s also very helpful if you want to give him an elaborate backstory.

For his stats, I’m using the standard 15-14-13-12-10-8 and making his dump stat Charisma, since we’re role-playing him as an awkward, strange homeless man who might be suffering from dementia. His PDF sheet (see below) will have adjusted stats according to level progression and feat acquisition.

Since Pathfinder 1e was the flame that reignited my passion for this type of gaming 3 years ago, I’m choosing to give him a feat instead of increasing his ability scores.

The feat I’m choosing is Observant, boosting his passive perception.

His chosen familiar(s) is the Raven.

On being blind: Wizards can see through their familiar’s eyes, so that’s an interesting way to circumvent the issue. Since on his free time he likes to hang out around the city, “feeding” his familiars, he could actually be a silent observer – as the flavor text suggests. Also, his spellbook will have to be in brail, or maybe he can feel the ink on the pages with his fingers, a la Daredevil. I decided to give him a Staff of Tremorsense (30 ft range) since that seems like something he would craft for himself, being a paranoid, experienced spellcaster.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. You can find his PDF here: Murmuring Mystic.

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Happy gaming!

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