Quick update!

Hi everyone,

I just realized it’s Friday and there were no blog posts nor youtube clips updated by yours truly.

With the increase of popularity in “geek” and “nerdy” stuff lately and the explosion of content creators population, a few months ago during a quiet work month I decided that I would give it a go as well.

For those who know me personally, you know I like to try different things and am a bit all over the place, rarely finishing projects (just look at my Minibots Arena game, which I completely abandoned).

When I re-named the blog and youtube channel “Saigon Geeks” I had given myself the goal to post 1 video and 1 article a week for a month – which I did. Blankard came aboard and helped keep this blog active and regular, and the one month became two. In the process we gained a few Twitter and blog followers, Youtube subscribers and my Instagram has been growing slowly but steadily since the day I started it, years ago.

These are all good signs of growth, small or not. However as I am an English teacher who prefers to work with young adults, my work is somewhat seasonal. As it’s the summer vacation in Vietnam at the moment, this is the time I get the most work in the year.

I’m still working on articles and projects in my spare time, albeit not as regularly. Simply put at the moment I work close to 30 hours a week spread out from 8 am to 10 pm over 6 days. It’s not much to us Canadians who are used to 40+ work weeks but any teacher will tell you that this job is exhausting. Thus, when have some time off I usually spend it napping or hanging out with my wife and friends.

Writing blogs and editing videos regularly is fun but is work – work that doesn’t pay the bills, so I had to demote it’s importance a fair bit.

Fret now however you thirsty vampires of geek sap, for I have not abandoned any of my projects at all. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you might already know what the situation is. If not, here’s a bit more light on the tardiness of it all:

For the Saigon Geeks blog, I’m still working on my custom MtG set (King’s River) but at a much slower pace. I’m almost done writing this month’s devlog update.

For the Youtube channel, Blankard and I went back to Minecraft. However, many technical issues have prevented me from recording our gameplay at a smooth framerate and instead of uploading content of low quality, I decided to take a short break from video editing (which is incredibly time-consuming). I intend to post my MtG Arena Core Set M20 drafts when that event gets going.

As for our King’s River D&D session, again there’s not enough hours in a day and not enough battery in me to DM a bi-weekly session, so it’s been put on hold.

All of our collective projects will come back to life around September, when the young adults of Vietnam head back to their university classes and we teachers-who-avoid-teaching-children get some room to breath.

Thanks for checking in! Here are a few unfinished MtG cards I’ve been working on to keep you sated for the time being.

See you soon,


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