Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep07 FINALE

I’ll be real, folks, I’ve been watching Let’s Play videos for years, and I’m fully aware of how much mine sucks.

As an admirer of a number of YouTubers whose quality range from Big Name Studio level of production value to “a person recording in their closet,” I have no delusions of where I stand in a sea of other content creators.

That being said, I had a blast producing this SMRAR series. I love this game, and would love the opportunity to show it to more people.

At seven episodes averaging around 20-35 minutes in length, this is far from a speed-run. As if all the fucks ups and stop-oh-wait-where-was-it? pauses weren’t evidence enough.

But the point is to make something.

Not so long ago, I watched a clip by Pay Flynn on some pointers for making a podcast. As much as the content of the video itself, I was kinda stricken by the shirt he was wearing.

create every day

Create every day.

The completion of the SMRAR series is not insignificant. In full knowledge of not producing content even worthy of lighting, let alone holding a candle, to the creators I admire, it feels good to have made something.

I had fun playing & sharing the game, I enjoyed the recording process, I like the steps it takes to get the voice-sound quality at the best my meager equipment can allow. In fact I’m unsure whether I enjoy playing the game more or editing in references or jokes in Post.

On those merits alone, more than any illusions of grandeur or hopes of making money off of this, there will be more videos, and I’ll learn and make them better.

You’ll find the video right here.

Text by Blankard


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