Fantasy Novel Devlog 01 – Some Projects

Hiya, folks! Blankard here.

As a fellow Sai Gon Geek (SaiGeek?) I’ve got my nerdy and geeky interests, a number of which overlap with Minibots over yonder, but a few that also do not.

One of which, at least until something changes, is writing novels.



An ongoing topic the two of us will have is about the whole introvert/extrovert, thing. Here’s a very basic refresher on what that  means:

Extrovert: Your batteries are recharged by being around people.

Introvert: Your batteries are recharged by being alone.

This is a frequent topic since the two of us subscribe to these dynamics, but also don’t adhere to the category like a label. It’s more of a spectrum than a binary labeling system, but even so, people are complex. The short of it, though, is that Minibots exhibits extroverted behavior whereas Blankard exhibits introverted behavior.


If you know any writers you’re likely to hear them remark on how tedious and lonely the act of writing is. Whether the love of writing offers fertile ground for a sort of genesis of introverted behavior, or people who are predisposed towards keeping to themselves are just more likely to end up spending their time writing, I do not know, nor am I here to preach about it.

What I can preach about is how I can (and do) spend hours at a time in a cafe, typing at a story – or sometimes not typing all that much at all and just staring at it – and while the process is the very definition of tedium, I would have it no other way.

For me, this is necessary for not only the creative process, but the real work of writing, and boy-howdy, do I have work ahead of me.

A word on world-building: Without anywhere else to strictly mention it, I’m compelled to write that the following stories all take place in worlds of my own making. I fancy myself a fantasist, and have spent the better part of my life imagining worlds that are decidedly not Earth. That being said, I typically write in the fantasy genre.

Drelisaji Jungle

Spoiler: There’re trees on these worlds.

So let’s get into some projects I’ve got hovering around my brain, on which some I am actively working!

  • Untitled Novel, with the working title: “Dreadwar Saga.”
  • A veteran soldier, Radh, and a law enforcer, Jacquel, cross paths in a realm that has only recently settled into peace after a harsh Revolution that saw colossal giants toppling castles, merciless angels fill the sky, and armies clash on fields between city-states. Radh and Jacquel have never met before, but their lives are closely connected, as historical events brought them near one another a few times.
  • Things come to a head when Radh, while trying to drown his past in wine, gets word of an old comrade, one who was supposed dead. Meanwhile, Jacquel picks up a case one of her colleagues got killed following, one he was certain would lead to the identity of a hero that mysteriously vanished at the conclusion of the Revolution.
  • This is set to be a full-length novel, with subsequent novels outlined.
Trumahk Warrior

Unless otherwise stated, basically every bit of art I put in my posts are not mine. This one, however, I did make myself, back in 2010.


  • Untitled Novel 2, with the working title: “Zayne’s Story”
  • Zayne is a character that was originally part of the above Novel 1, but I ended up deciding her story was irrelevant to the plot. However, her story is relevant to that world, and I still enjoy writing a 70-Year-Old Woman that swears like a sailor and used to be a merchant mogul. 
  • Zayne, following a mysterious invitation, ventures back to the capital after being elsewhere for two decades. There she meets some old friends and colleagues, some of whom she is uncertain whether she can trust, and is whisked away on an adventure to another world. Thrills ensue as what they’re attempting to pull off is much like the project she and her colleagues tried to pull off twenty years ago, resulting in her having to flee the country.
  • This is set to be a full-length novel, but meant to be standalone/supplementary to the above “Main Line Dreadwar” series.
Zayne in the Holding Chamber Maybe

Spoiler: Novel contains birds in the distance for scale.


  • “Merfolk Story”
  • A girl born in a seaside village is rescued by visiting merfolk when calamity strikes. She’ll get turned into a merfolk herself, and must adjust to her new life down in the Sable Deeps where sunlight barely shines.
  • This book was set to be a novella, but it is unknown whether the outline and plot will allow for a larger novel-sized project. The more I develop it the more of a backstory to one of the Mainline Characters it’s ending up being.

Merfolk Branchwalker, (c) Wizards of the Coast!

Is that a bad thing? To have more things to write about than one could ever hope to write? I’ve got a number of side characters whose backstories I have summarized, mostly for outline purposes.

But for shorts or novellas? I’m unsure whether all of them are worth reading to understand the Main Line Novel, but a number of them are certainly worth telling for added depth of the setting. Not to mention the characters themselves.

I reckon we’ll end this post here. Keeping the story summaries short is an exercise all in its own, but it feels good to put it out there!

If you want to see more live updates of me chipping away at my writing, find me at @JesseRebock over on Twitter. Mostly I tweet about writing, geeky stuff, and life in Viet Nam.

Text by Blankard

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