Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep05

Heya, folks!

Today’s Let’s Play Micropost coincides with the Super Metroid Regular-Ass Run (SMRAR) over at the SaiGon Geeks Youtube channel.

This week’s episode has us delving down into Maridia, a zone the likes of which I have utterly hated since childhood. Somewhere in that video, I edited in a scene from the 1989 sci-fi movie “The Abyss,” to help better demonstrate what helped influence my very real fear of deep water.

But, facing my fears – by playing through those dark, nasty water levels in this and other games – as well as dealing with a couple of other horrific deep see movies (I’m looking at YOU, Sphere), helps me revisit Maridia as a grown-ass adult and just get through it.

Seriously though, this place sucks if you’re claustrophobic.

Here’s the video!

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