Super Metroid Let’s Play MicroPost, Ep01-04

Hello, folks!

This micropost concerns the Super Metroid Regular-Ass Run (SMRAR) series I’ve been posting. You can find them live over on the SaigonGeeks YouTube Channel. I plan to post an episode from this series every Friday at 9:00am (New York Eastern Time).

Why that arbitrarily chosen time? Because I need some kind of structure to which I can adhere.

The purpose of the SMRAR series is to just share the game with viewers! I loved this game growing up, and I know most of its secrets, so it’s fun to share footage of re-living that influenced my notion of what an action hero is like, in addition to methods of storytelling.

As of this post, I’ve already gotten a few episodes up and running, and this micropost marks the publishing of Episode 04. You can find it right here on Youtube!

See no particular point in recapping, in text, what occurred in the episode, because this SMRAR series is meant particularly for viewers who haven’t played this game ~ OR those who haven’t played in a very long time.

And it is meant to prepare the viewers for significantly more fun randomizer, of which there will be a number of series’ to showcase. So, I figure after for one to enjoy the randomizers to their fullest, it’d be wise to know what the non-randomized (aka Original) game is like. Same goes for others like Zelda: Link to the Past and whatever else I can find.

That’s it for this one, I’ll have another one up next Friday!


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