An Intro of the Blankard

Hiya, folks! Blankard here. I too am a Sai Gon Geek and I’ll be contributing content to this blog and our SaigonGeeks YouTube Channel.

For the time being, I’ll introduce myself and make an attempt to explain why I’m here and what I’d like to do in collaboration with this place.

Firstly, I too am a resident of Sai Gon, Viet Nam, having been friends with Étienne [Minibots] for some years now. I have some experience with blog writing, but I love writing in general, but the Blankard has a myriad of interests.


Content I hope to produce mainly relates to:20190428_104056

  • Let’s Play styled videos; I’ve post about retro games like Super Metroid and occasionally something from Magic: The Gathering Arena.
  • artistic endeavors such as painting (I prefer acrylics)
  • reading & writing fantasy
  • novels, novellas, and short-stories I’m either writing or considering writing
    • story concepts and ‘thinking aloud’ about story ideas
    • perhaps even the stories themselves (or if I post them elsewhere, links to them)
  • science fiction or fantasy trope spotlights
  • podcast ideas
  • possibly written pieces about life in Viet Nam, whether teaching, living or exploring

Quick disclaimer: I suck at everything. All the content I make is usually homage, critique, or celebration.

Evidently, I’ve got too many project ideas than I have time to do them, and without an audience to help direct what’s more interesting to produce, I’m largely left to my own devices.

Should any of you readers have a desire to see content of a certain nature, leave a comment ~ it helps the blog and truly helps me as a creative.

Here’s some brief trivia about me: American citizen, but living and working in Viet Nam. Got certification to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in 2010/11.

The short story is that back in 2016, I had a stable-though-soul-crushing job, a girlfriend, and a car that kept me rooted in place. Heard from a former classmate from the certification course, who had made his way to Viet Nam. Turned him down. 1d3 months later, I found myself unhindered by a committed relationship, I quit my job (having spent the last year or so nurturing a freelance editing side-gig), and my car was totaled. No, not with a crash, just a part inside cost more to fix than the rest of the car was worth.

So I liquidated most of my material possessions, packed what I thought I’d need into three bags, and took a one-way flight to Sai Gon, Viet Nam.

It’s been a rollercoaster of adventure in the five years since, with times of great pride, great humbling, joy, sorrow, and everything in between. Eh that’s life, isn’t it?


So here we are, at Saigon Geeks! A manifestation and celebration of interests that MiniBots and I have.

I have a Twitter Account, where I usually tweet about Life In Vietnam, about writing and fantasy, other geeky stuff, my art, and my dog. Sometimes the cats as well.

Find me over there at @JesseRebock.

See you round, folks! Keep those keyboards typing, those pens scrivening, those game controllers swiveling and those sharp minds of yours critiquing! Remember, being hard to please (as far as media and content goes), is a good thing!

Text by Blankard

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