Mixing MtG and DnD

Yes, you’ve read right. Why not mix two of the best, most creative, most complex, and most popular games/hobbies together?

This is the idea that came to me after my friend and current player in the campaign (see Tibalt) mentioned he always dreamed of creating a custom MtG set revolving around Vikings.

Two years ago I was playing an Alchemist in a Pathfinder campaign and using the Magic Set Editor program, I had crafted myself some cards to help me remember what my character could do. Spells, abilities, actions, etc.

I was also already thinking about making fun little collectible cards for my DnD players to hand out after sessions, to showcase what kind of equipment or artifact they found, or what kind of monsters they’d been fighting.

Hence, after a chat with my friend I decided to make a simple card and see how it felt. This was the first iteration:

Kings River Militia

Simple and neat. I was addicted. I also felt instantly guilty because Minibots Arena, the game I’ve been putting hours in for the last year, suddenly got demoted in the “priorities” list. So I promised myself to still work on Minibots Arena every week and after every playtest.

I wasn’t aware that crafting this card would open a whole can of Pandora’s worms. I never really thought about the complexity involved behind a Magic: the Gathering set and very soon I found myself in a quicksand of blogs, articles and forum posts.

A branch was extended to me before I could sink too low: a wiki article detailed my favorite MtG set. With this new, clear knowledge, I could finally start to get organized.

Another struggle I’m experiencing is trying to contain the excitement after creating cards and NOT showing them to my players, because it may contain spoilers. However, this morning I realized that showing my players the white cards – which represent King’s River, the “good” guys and their homeland in my homebrew setting – would not give out any spoilers AND would be an effective way to give interesting, snack-sized snippets of world-building lore.

I’ve already spent way too much time on this for the last 36 hours, so here’s a few cards I’ve created for the White faction: King’s River. Of course, everything is subject to change.

If you’re interested in play-testing or have any questions, or your art is actually showcased and you want recognition / don’t like it, send me a message or leave a comment!

Without further ado:

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