For GMs: Session Zero Help

(This post will be periodically updated)

I’ve been looking through the internets for lists of “What to ask your players as a DM” so that I can know more about my players, but I didn’t find any lists that truly represented what I wanted to know, so I decided to make my own out of what I’ve found and what I wanted to know.

Firstly, our group is on a chatting app, and I’ve been asking them questions through polls.

Here was the first question – What do you like about D&D?

The choices in order of most popular were (first 3 had an equal amount of votes):

1-Story progression


3-Interacting with other players

4-Character development


6-Interacting with the world/NPCs

7-Skills showcasing (Sneaking shows of strength, etc.)

8-Pretending I have friends


Here’s a second one (votes not compiled):

How long do you like your sessions to be?

1-Short and Sweet (Self-contained, 3-hour small adventures)

2-Short and continuous (Doesn’t matter if the adventure is resolved by the end)

3-Medium (4-5 hours)

4-Long (6+ hours)

5-I don’t care as long as there’s breaks

6-I don’t care as long as we stop at a reasonable break in the story



And here are more specific, open questions that players would answer me privately:

About the player him/herself:

What kind of game do you want to play?

Hack and slash? Espionage? Political intrigue? A mix of all?

What do you want your character to experience?

Happy moments? Tragedy? Glory? Evolution? Adversity? Camaraderie?

About the character he/she’s playing:

Is there some part of your backstory you want/need me to incorporate in the story? If yes, what is it?

What are your character’s goals? Gain wealth? Gain power? Be happy? Resolve its backstory? Bring peace to the lands? Hunt/Kill something/someone specific?

What are your character’s deepest fears?

What kind of magic items would your character love to find?

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