King’s River |1st Session!

The heroes walk out of the city walls and are greeted by fresh air and rice fields. The land is dotted with limestone mountains. In the fields, people are tirelessly working.

rice fields.jpg

The gushing river follows the road and its sounds are pleasant to the ear. Ships of rowers, helped by a diplodocus, are slowly going up current. Man-made irrigations line the fields. Many people are walking back and forth, mostly farmers. The occasional traveler passes them with a nervous hello. Some monks on pilgrimage walk past quietly.

As they made their way North they came across a shrine dedicated to a many-faced god, where a Tiefling was praying. Seeing as the party was down 1 person, they asked him to join their incursion and he accepted.



As the sun trekked through the sky to reach it’s zenith, the ranger Uz decided it was time to think about lunch, and successfully caught a rabbit hopping by the river. Gaotl the barbarian, equally wanting to prove its worth, headed to the edge of the river further down, only to spot a giant constrictor snake, currently crushing a prey in the water. Needing to impress his new companions, he took out his bone axe and took a swing at the huge beast, slicing it deeply and causing it to start trashing in the river, but still crushing its prey.


The second barbarian Leo, not to be outdone, took a swing at where he thought the snake’s head was (underwater) and hit, but was surprised by the creature’s quick reaction and suffered a massive bite to the chest.

The rest of the companions teamed up to strike down the foe while the ranger dedicated his time to rescuing the constrictor’s prey, which turned out to be a mangled man. He successfully brought the man to shore and revived him while Gaotl wrestled with the giant snake under water, eventually able to sink his hands in the head wound of the beast and tear its skull apart, killing it.

After the exciting encounter, an elderly woman informed the ranger that he had just saved one of her sons and she invited all of them back to her lunch hut (a small, rundown house in the middle of the rice fields, erected for the sole purpose of shelter from the mid-day sun and cooking for the farmers), which they did while carrying the victim on a makeshift stretcher.

After a while, quite a few gatherers had paid visit to the woman and check up on the injured man and offered to help the adventurers in preparing the snake’s meat, skin and bones for whatever they needed, which the adventurers happily accepted. The ranger and Leo then left to gather medicinal herbs in the vicinity, fearing for the man’s life.


Left in the hut were Fu, the minotaur bard, Gaotl, the human barbarian, and Tibalt, their new friend – which by taking down his hood, revealed that he was a Tiefling. The elderly woman, superstitious and surprised, thought that the man was a full-fledged demon and instinctively threw her pot of boiling water at its face – harmless to a Tiefling, but the insult had been spat.

Using his warlock cantrips and summoning his anger, Tibalt screamed at the lady while turning his pupils into fire and twisting his tongue in unnatural ways. The lady fainted and hit her head on the floor. Tibalt then proceeded to take another boiling pot of water and (after a warning from the DM) instead of throwing it at her face, dipped her hand in the boiling water as a warning to never anger him again.

There were other farmers in the hut, one of which was the lady’s other son. Terrorized, they ran out of the hut, only to go find support from other farmers and come back with pitchforks and sickles, intending to cut down the “demon” where it stood.

HeroForgeScreenshot (6)

Appalled at the Tiefling’s actions, Goetl took a swing at him with his bone axe, nearly cutting the warlock in half, before the horned culprit could jump out the window, causing more panic around him.

The bard tried to diffuse the situation by inviting everyone to a very lucrative game of cards but in their rage, the farmers ignored her but were distracted long enough for the Tiefling to escape (Gaotl deciding to not pursue or continue his attacks).

The warlock then ran away through the rice fields, leaving an easy to follow trail until he stepped out of the muddy, fertile ground onto drier trails which led him to a limestone mountain. He was able to take a short rest in a cave housing the statue of a tranquil goddess, etched in the very walls of the cave, a place of quiet worship. He disguised himself so he wouldn’t be so easily recognizable and in the hopes of hiding his Tiefling features which send superstitious souls into terror.


Meanwhile, the farmers asked mighty Gaotl to go and “rid the lands of that devil” so they may sleep in peace tonight, which Gaotl obliged. As he tracked the warlock (bard in tow), he thought back about his own common fits of rage and decided to give Tibalt a second chance. The pair followed the hints of his escape all the way to the foot of the limestone mountain but were distracted by a group of 4, large monks clad in black cloaks, slowly walking and chanting their way up the steps of the mountain. They entered a different cave than the one where Tibalt had previously been.

Said Tibalt had been watching them from a nearby garden housed on the mountain until he saw his “companions” from before. He also decided that if he were to survive in this land, he would need allies, and since Gaotl didn’t continue his violence towards him when he had the opportunity, maybe deserved a second chance. He guided the bard and the barbarian to the top of the small limestone mountain where the trio would be alone (under the watchful eye of a white dragons statue) and revealed that it was him under the disguise – and everyone made peace.

As the trio were leaving, they entered the vacant cave where the four monks had been chanting, to discover that the original deity’s statue previously housed in this holy place had been disfigured – the top half had been completely removed, and from what remained of the bottom half, a black dragon with folded wings had been carved. Various smashed animal skulls littered the place – a dark offering – and nothing else of importance was found.

The trio of Tibalt, Gaotl and Fu climbed the etched stone steps back down to the rice fields where they set about to reconvene with Leo and Uz.


3 thoughts on “King’s River |1st Session!

  1. Yes! Gaotl the Mighty fears no pitiful water snake! His reflexes to fast to succumb to a strike (unless he means to) and his constitution too robust to fall to any poison!

    When Gaotl was a wee lad, back in Hut School, he was voted “Most Likely to Die By Snake.” Goatl has since striven to prove his colleagues wrong!

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