King’s River | Session 0

The protagonists of the campaign met during a town fair (definitely not a tavern). While playing dice games, they were approached by a scruffy man with an eye-patch named Roddy, Roddywho knows of a dinosaur nest. In exchange for that information, he will get a couple of coins from the heroes after they manage to get the eggs and sell them in town.

Roddy and Uz sealed the deal with a sacred dino-hunter handshake and just like that, the individuals were now a group and walked out of the city, greeted by fresh air, beautiful rice fields and a land sprinkled with limestone mountains.



2 thoughts on “King’s River | Session 0

    • I heard through the grapevines that it’s the 1st time Gaotl sees or hears about dinos? No doubt he already had a dinomelet and now is addicted!


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