Campaign Details For Players | King’s River

  • What system are we playing? D&D 5e

  • What level will players start at? Level 2

  • What level do you see the game going to right now? We always quit at around level 4 – let’s try harder this time!

  • What is the feeling the game is going for? I think our group loves theater-of-the-mind type of games, so I’m expecting a lot of RPing. Combat will be an important part of the game, but I want to make it lighter than before with an emphasis on details over mechanics: if you describe your actions to the group clearly, they have a better chance of success. I’m expecting a lot of goofing around as well.

  • What is the technology/magic level? The world is a mid-fantasy land where magic is known but not common, firearms exist but are very rudimentary, dinosaurs walk the earth alongside humans (or hunt them) – daemons and angels are a reality. Anything can happen. A wizard makes people around him/her uneasy (due to the unusual power they hold). Dinosaur tamers hold a special place in society, and knights are respected.

  • How big is the world, and how much travel can the characters expect? The starting area is a whole continent more-or-less diamond-shaped that reaches both poles, with a massive mountain range in the center. As long and wide as both Americas, but of a different shape – so it would take quite a while for someone to walk across the land. Travelling is encouraged (by land mainly as the oceans are deemed uncrossable) and exploring is always fun.

  • World wars, racism, and religious intolerance- Are there any elements of your campaign where a player choosing a certain race, religion or class would make them a pariah? It depends what you are willing to play, but most “monster races” are at risk of being hunted on sight (orcs, goblins, Lizardmen). There is a lot of racism (from humans and elves, duh) and religious intolerance – most of the population is scared of the unknown. We’re at a “burn-the-witch” level of sophistication.


Things you should know (to make your character cooler):

You’ll be starting in a medieval-France type of city called King’s River, founder by European-style humans hundreds of years ago. They are sailors who got lost at sea from a different continent. They do live far from the oceans (200 miles away) but the city was founded on the banks of a river that provides fresh water and easy access to the sea. The climate is tropical, like the central region of our adoptive land, Vietnam. Most of the native population is Vietnam-style humans.

Agriculture is the main food source. Rice fields surround the city and offer a small protection against heavy beasts and troops due to its mushy lands.

Roughly 10 000 people inhabit its walls and are governed by the aristocrats of the city – which have a reputation of being just and doing a good job of keeping things running and safe. The city is not part of any “kingdom”, is fiercely independent and has fought back a number of orc raids in the past – its citizens have a proud military tradition and every single person living there is part of the militia.

The most respected people are the dinosaur tamers, who seem to hold the secrets to interacting with these huge, lumbering beasts. Note that most of the dinosaurs tamed are herbivores and are used as locomotion or beasts of labor. Very few carnivores are known to have been tamed due to their volatile and extremely dangerous nature.

Following closely, in terms of respect, are the knights.

What does that mean for y’all?

A barbarian can still live in a city. He just chooses to evoke the ferocity of a Tyrannosaurus Rex when fighting, instead of the calculated movements of a Fighter.

wizard will be a learned person and part of a very select group of people – not necessarily an aristocrat, but definitely a uniquely talented individual. Due to the distrust of magic-users by the general population however, they tend to not look too outlandish, and use simple magic when in public.

Ranger might specialize in hunting dinosaurs who would disrupt the normal life of the population (akin to a wolf pack eating livestock), or prefer to tame herbivores and train them for work – or even master the art of stealing eggs to sell them to the highest bidder. You may choose a dinosaur as an animal companion (within reason).

House Rules:

Cinematic Points: Once per session, each player will have 1 cinematic point to spend. A player must declare before rolling what they are hoping to achieve. Simply, a C.P. lets a player defy all logic and smudge the rules to do something cool.

Injuries: If a character takes a huge hit (half its HP or more, or a critical hit), it may have to do a constitution check to resist going into shock, and unless immediately magically healed, will have permanent scars or even lose limbs.

Healing: A short rest will give back 1d4+con mod, while a long rest will give half the class’ hit die (1d6 for a Barbarian, for ex) + con mod.

Rping and manipulating other characters: Lying and bluffing are tolerated and you are expected to role-play within character (in-game vs meta knowledge).
Unless something specific is happening, no stealing between players will be tolerated.
No player may control another player’s character at any point (even under a Charm spell).

Feel free to ask questions and introduce your characters in the comments, and I will update this post with the new stuff if and when there’s any!

Rough map:


Terra (2).jpg

3 thoughts on “Campaign Details For Players | King’s River

  1. I’m thinking my “barbie” will be in the city unwillingly; captured and caged for display as a trophy fighter for the pits, after someone (he knows not who) raided his village and captured those who weren’t killed outright.

    Assuming this works for the DM, wants out — out of this cage and out of King’s River … trouble is, the village from which he hails was razed to the ground and very far away. He also has no clues as to where his kin were taken – if they yet live.


    • Ah, well there’s no pits or slave trade in King’s River but there could be an underground one.
      How about the authorities heard about it and recently dismantled the underground slave fights and you are a newly freed slave in a strange land – but everyone has been nice with you (donations, registered in the militia gives you a few coppers a day for food) and you find dinosaurs inspiring?

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