Azorius Human Fighter for D&D 5e

Hi all!

I just got hold of the absolutely beautiful and nerd dream book Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and there’s a massive battle going on in my mind at the moment, between all the characters I want to play with my RP group.

So I’ve decided to throw these concepts out to you here. I’ll go by the book’s guild order (alphabetical I guess) until I have 1 character for each guild.

First on the list is the Azorius Senate, a guild I never had real interest in until I read through the book’s introduction. To me they seem like a Minority Report-type police force. At the top you have a Sphynx (COOL!) who constantly writes laws and at the very bottom you have a police force made of knights and mages.

The guild seem well-meaning but kind of intrusive, restrictive and similar to a police-state if they had more power.

The character I designed starts at the very bottom of the organization and instead of playing a Vedalken using control magic (typical blue) I went for a Human Fighter who is Lawful Evil. He uses the law for his own gain and has a tendency to use violence at the first opportunity. I thought it would be fun to role-play, and it offers great character development: will he eventually become good? Will he get arrested? Will he join another guild? I think it would be great if down the line he’d become part of a Gruul clan.

Here’s the very basic PDF of his character sheet for you to peruse. Please let me know what you think!

Azorius Fighter

Behind the scenes facts: I used this card for inspiration:


And the character’s name is Wayne Reynolds, because that’s the name of the artist who designed the card.

Enjoy, and may your rolls be 20s!

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