Minibots Arena 2.0 Devlog

Hi all,

I’m glad to announce that I’ve started working on Minibots Arena 2.0 devlog.

That being said, here’s the rules for the 1.1 print I made (we were up to 1.4 when I hit a design wall) for you all to peruse.

Many things have changed since I wrote those rules a few months ago. My main beef with the game was the player downtime (I’d like to keep it fast and sweaty) and it kept improving with each print test, so clearly I was headed in the wrong direction.

Another thing is that, while new players found it captivating and were trying their best to win, I didn’t see any “oh snap!” moments – which is what I love in board games.

Here are the main changes I’m making to the game at the moment:

  1. I’m reducing the amount of items and upgrade cards.
  2. I’m adding more abilities (think of them as instants) in an effort to increase the “surprise!” factor and cut down on hand and token management.
  3. I’m changing from hexagons to squares to make cover easier to use.
  4. I’m also adding side-board token management to add a little level of difficulty and bring the game closer to my original vision: a factory of minibots, making minibots for combat.

It was already a long road ahead and it just got a little bit longer but my goal is to make a fun and deep game with replayability, so I don’t mind the detour. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to finish a working playtest edition for December, when I visit my hometown.

Here’s a Google Drive link to the rules of the previous edition, if you want to read them.

A few of my friends have asked me for tips on creating a board game. I usually tell them “write the ruleset”, which they don’t do, and then I never see anything about their game.

Writing the ruleset helps you wrap your head around your own game. It’s super important!

Here is a PDF of the rules, for the curious ones:


Feel free to comment!


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