Why so quiet? Devlog update

Hi everyone,

Last month due to optimism and inspiration I started working on my hobbies (developing Minibots Arena and reading up / building 40K among other things) constantly. Coupled with a string of lazy and draining students, that led me to mental and physical exhaustion and I’ve been trying to regroup for the last 2 weeks.

Setting the game outside for a few weeks has given me time to think about the things that work and the things that don’t – which made me decide that I need a near-complete re-design.

Bad news is that this will extend the development process by a few months. Good news is the game should be better and closer to what I had envisioned.

The things I want to change are the game length time, the player downtime, figure out a more interesting deck-building system, and making the combat faster and more intuitive (more akin to chess).

More bad news for you all is that I have lost the spark of motivation I had found for my most recent 40K fanfic, but rest assured that it’s been on my mind and when I eventually get my fire back, you’ll be flooded with blog posts.

I’ve also been slowly but steadily working on a small card game revolving around an English teacher’s life in Vietnam, just to have fun with mechanics (and wanting to play Chez Geek).

Thank you for your patience.

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