Maxilus Domio: Prologue (40K fanfic)


A Terran Battleship on the way to replenish the shrinking ranks of Imperium of Man on some forsaken, distant world locked in eternal warfare.

warp gate.jpg

A previously undocumented Warp Gate, crackling, flickering.


An unnamed planet, recipient of this Warp Gate’s refuse – like a cosmic dumpster – where the displaced battleship falls onto, breaking apart on entry.


3 Primaris Space Marines crawl out of the wreckage, no doubt allowed to live through the Emperor’s will and guidance. Shaken yes, but thousand-year old shared genetic instincts over-ride any pesky unproductive behavior and emotions.

Maxilus Domio. Ezekiel Tigistus. Korias Superstes.

Maxilus, the Sergeant. Clear of mind. He gathers his tools – boltgun, power sword, men – and sets off to establish a proper defensible position on this unknown planet’s surface. He leaves the wreckage behind hastily for he knows that if any xenos lifeforms inhabit this planet, they will surely be drawn to the fiery spectacle of a crash-landing.


And he is right, for curious eyes have witnessed the event and hurried feet rush across the desolate landscape to reach the broken battleship first.


Thanks for reading.

This is purely an exercise in writing as I get familiarized with the lore and the rules of Warhammer 40K. 

Join us next time for the 1st event in the Space Marines’ fight for survival on this unknown planet.

If you are the author of any of this art, feel free to contact me for proper recognition or if you’d like it taken down.

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