Life in Vietnam


I was born in the countryside of Vietnam. So I lived there all my life until I was 18 years old. After graduating from high school, I moved to Ho Chi Minh city to continue studying in a university. I have been living in HCMC until now, for about 15 years. So I want to share the differences between countryside life and city life.

First, I want to talk about the life of kids. Kids in the countryside can play with other kids around them but kids in the city can’t. Countryside kids play many kinds of folk games such as hide-and-seek, jump rope, one-two-three, bathing under the rain, etc. But it is dangerous if kids in the city go out without their parents’ control. Traffic accidents, kidnapping and other terrible things can happen. And of course, they can’t go to school by themself as kids in the countryside do.

Second, in the city traffic jams happen frequently and in the coutryside it hardly happens. There isn’t a high quality and variety of transportation in the countryside. In the city it’s the opposite. As a result, it is convenient to travel to and from the city. You can travel by many kinds of vehicles such as plane, taxi, coach, bus, bike, boat, train, and so on. However, there are many accidents happening, especially bike accidents because of many vehicles and the bad attitude of people. I don’t know why they are always in a hurry but they are often late. They try to ride fast when they see a yellow light or even still ride through the red light. There is one thing I really hate: some people ride on the wrong side of the road when traffic jams happen. That makes the traffic jam longer and longer.

Third, there is more pollution in the city than in the countryside. There are a lot of vehicles, industrial parks and people here. People use many vehicles that pollute the air, people also create much garbage. Especially, industrial plants pollute the air, water and create much garbage. Besides, there is less and less greenery in the city to replace plants and trees.

Finally, the city is a place where economy, education and medicine develop strongly. So it is convenient for studying, caring for your health and getting a job. That is the reason why many people from everywhere move to the city. That makes the city multicultural with a lot of good food.

If someone asks me where I want to live, city or countryside? I will answer that I want to live in the city and I want to have relatives in the countryside to come back to on holidays.

Thank you to my student for writing this text.

Very lightly corrected and edited.

2 thoughts on “Life in Vietnam

  1. Toujours un plaisir de te lire ainsi que les sujets que tu proposes aux autres pour nous oefmettre de mieux comprendre la vie des gens qui t’entoure. Lâche pas mon Titienne! Là bas ça doit être Grandtienne 😉


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