Day 4 – Okayama + Kurashiki

Day 4 was again spent being driven by our friend and guide Yukari to small towns that were just awesome.

Our first stop was in this castle that was turned into an interesting museum.

20170119_10162520170119_10310820170119_10311520170119_103806Inside the museum you could try on shogun + concubine costumes!

20170119_10380720170119_10415720170119_10445320170119_10470620170119_10472020170119_10560320170119_151317On the way to our next stop we saw these adorable school kids. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. In Vietnam where I live, you rarely see kids by themselves. Major difference in country security.

20170119_151943Yukari took us to this old canal lined with traditional houses and stores. Sake, ice cream, bakeries, restaurants and small shops welcomed elderly citizens alongside students celebrating their graduation in traditional, somber kimonos.

20170119_15235720170119_155625Didn’t think I’d see Gyroids in Japan!

20170119_15591620170119_163137These kids in their schoolyard got over-excited at the sight of foreigners and got reprimanded a few moments after this picture was taken. Hehe.

20170119_163140A weird Goku toy I spotted in a second-hand store. I didn’t buy it because the head was about to fall off.

20170119_10050820170119_12264220170119_144014And more tiny vehicles. The black one is actually Yukari’s! She told us it’s a farmer car, and there were tons of little compartments and the attention to detail was impressive, as expected of anything Japanese.

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