Japan in pictures #2: Miyajima

It’s just a short trip from Hiroshima to the beautiful island of Itsukushima, home of the beautiful and scenic Miyajima shrine.

I foolishly thought this day was going to be short, as I thought there was little to do around Miyajima – I was happily wrong.

We first walked through the adorable island’s village and shrine, then hiked to the peak of the island where we were greeted by snow, and met an European girl working in a hostel in Hiroshima.

We had dinner at a sushi chain with our new friends and then I lured everyone to a video game bar where I finally got to try the Japanese FamiCon and Super FamiCon.

What a day!I also made a video while there:

20170117_110118The deers of Miyajima

20170117_110935The touristy village, full of affordable souvenirs and delicious snacks

20170117_112342Sausage in bacon? Delicious.

20170117_113541The shrine at high tide. Beautiful.

20170117_113906Before stepping into the beautiful Buddhist shrine, you have to wash your hands with natural water.

20170117_114507Inside the shrine20170117_114625Japanese and their symmetry

20170117_115704Not sure what this is but it’s purty

20170117_124514A bit more of the village.

20170117_134619Even the fire-fighter trucks are cute!

20170117_142310The view at the peak of the mountain.

20170117_144331Some of the slippery steps on the mountain trail.

20170117_145419The way is populated by small shrines and statues dressed up for the winter.

20170117_150105Buddhist shrine.

20170117_150601Studious monk.

20170117_152021My friend Yukari, who drove us everywhere like a champion and introduced us to food and cultural aspects we would have never guessed, and the hostel girl. I forgot her name.

20170117_163027Getting the last cable-car down at sunset, after getting lost a few times on the trail.

20170117_171948The gate at low tide. Very cool!

20170117_17203820170117_17210320170117_17233220170117_173222Some last-minute snacks before catching the last ferry back.


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