10 Subreddits for RPG inspiration

Here’s 10 subreddits that I personally find awesome for inspiration.

  1. Battle Maps
    User-submitted , ready-to-use maps. I actually never use them but like to peruse them for encounters or settings inspiration.
  2. Battle Paintings
    These appear to be mostly depicting WWII-era battles, but I still like to look at them for their sense of awe and the intense moments they depict. To me that’s great story-telling, dragons or not.
  3. Birds for Scale
    Their own description: “Art where birds give scale or perspective to the size of the subject”. It’s 99% fantasy, too.
  4. Character Drawing
    The quality is not always the greatest here but the material submitted is very diverse, which is what we want in our RPG games.
  5. Imaginary Landscapes
    Most of my adventure ideas start here. I spot an interesting place and then find it a purpose. This particular link is actually a gateway to dozens more “Imaginary” subreddits. Pure gold!
  6. Imaginary Monsters
    Another “Imaginary” one. There’s also Leviathans, Undead…. you get the idea.
  7. Lore Masters
    This one has a little bit of everything, from weather patterns to new factions to villain motivation ideas.
  8. Papertowns
    Artistic renditions of medieval towns and cities. Really just ridiculously gorgeous stuff. Great for settlements inspiration.
  9. Reasonable Fantasy
    It’s still fantasy, just without the chainmail bikinis or Monster Hunter-style armor.
  10. World Building
    Are you in the process of writing your own Silmarillion? Might want to visit this subreddit. A bit like Lore Masters, if they were on a month-long cabin retreat with unlimited mushroom tea.


Hope this helped! Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

Imagine used without permission. If you are the artist and would like it removed/have your information attached, please let me know.


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