Taishoken ramen: The legend lives on!

A Tokyo original

Below the highway, under the busy lanes of a city’s roads lies a Tokyo classic: Taishoken. It’s none other than the birthplace of the famous dipping style ramen known as tsukemen. Let’s take a look at why I dare label it ”classic”!


Mori chashu at Taishoken Higashi-Ikebukuro

Based on what I’ve read, Tokyo boasts a ramen restaurant count of over 20 000. Yes, that much. It’s therefore not plausible to name one as the best. Perhaps, over a lifetime, one may hope to have tried enough of them to arrive to an answer as to which is the king of all ramen bowls but my personal opinion is to simply agree that there are many, many good ones. And Taishoken is so far one of my favorite joints.

Many bowls, many styles

There are many types of ramen ranging from the thick, almost creamy tonkotsu ramen which is notorious for it’s very long broth process to the lighter in comparison but just as tasty shoyu type. However, what stands out at Taishoken is the fact that it is the birthplace of tsukemen, the style of ramen where the noodles are served in a seperate bowl from the broth, which is quite thick and a little sweet but seasoned to perfection. The noodles are then dipped into the broth and eaten! The inventer of this style is Mr.Yamagishi who developed the idea in 1961: he is considered a legendary figure in the ramen world and unfortunately passed away on April 1st 2015. But Mr.Yamagishi’s legacy remains and lives on through the wonderful team that ensures and maintains their solid reputation.


The stylish staff are always hustling and making sure all is well

The ambiance is perfect: there is always a nice soundtrack of cool jazz playing. The staff is attentive and friendly: they seem happy and as a customer, I think that really rubs off on the clientèle which is composed of families, salarymen and everyone in between.

road beer taishoken ramen justin guenet tokyo foodie tours www.tokyofoodietours.com

Delicious is too tame a word

So if you’re in Tokyo and don’t know where to start in your quest for ramen, Taishoken is a superb place to begin!

We at Road Beer want to wish you happy food adventures and hope you’ll come back soon: we’ve got good things brewing for the near future!

Justin Guenet

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