Welcome to Tokyo



Tokyo will never be mine. Over the course of coming months, I will try to make it mine and capture it like some wild creature I barely understand. But it will never submit to me. It will make me believe that I understand it until the day I am forced to let it go. On that day, it will run back to where it always existed and forget me entirely.

And I will wave to it, maybe even tell it to fuck off as I shed a quiet tear inside. But that’s OK: a city this size is an animal and some animals are not meant to tame.

One thing I always tell myself when travelling and by the way, I’m originally from Montréal, is this: Make every effort to respect local culture and ways but never forget that inside, you must remain true to yourself and enjoy yourself. It’s easy to lose oneself in the desire to fit in, to be a part of the whole. And here, ”the whole” is a very deep and complicated subject I look forward to analyzing.

My name is Justin and I run a street photo tour in Tokyo. I’ll be posting a few photos and honest thoughts here on RoadBeer when time permits about Life as I know it in the belly of the gentle beast: Tokyo.

Until next time,

Justin Guenet

Justin Guenet is a freelance illustrator and photographer currently residing in Tokyo. He is the founder of Tokyo Photo Tour and loves pizza. And road beers, of course.

tokyophototour.com tokyo photo tour japan tour

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