Lost thoughts of a border crossing

Last month I discovered Terry Pratchet’s Discworld novels and it’s having quite a funny effect on my brain. I think he’s my new favorite author. I’m sure a used reader will detect the influence on my writing.

I guess I should mention that at the moment of scribbling this in a Vietnamese student notebook I am sitting in an old Chinese bus, slowly making my way out of Laos towards the Vietnam border. I will have spent 30 hours out of the last 3 days in transport.

I can officially kind of communicate in Lao and Vietnamese now.

My stay on Don Det was short but pleasant, and surprisingly sprinkled with uncharacteristic drama and I’ve added a few more words to my Lao vocabulary.

Ken is one of my favorite humans and I hate to see him come to any hardships – as little or big as they may be – which makes me wonder why the world is the way it is.

I know it’s useless to dwell on it for too long because anyways the only thing that ever came out of that was religion, and after a brief curiosity in my early twenties I’ve been pretty good at avoiding their preaching.

Sure, I borrow a little bit. Respect your elders. Do not do onto others what you do not wish done on to you. Never let your wife go to sleep angry (that one was passed on to me by a Muslim girl, in between two customer calls, her beautiful face framed by their sacred cloth, after which she added in a whisper: “It means my husband can’t refuse me sex” and punctuated this ancient and secret knowledge with a smile that warmed my heart and made its way down over by the loins neighborhood).

The world is constantly changing. Those changes are made by people. So I prefer to try and understand them instead.

Not in a dispassionate, regurgitated criminal psychology major kinds of way.

More like… I don’t know.

Like someone with an ear as free as his mind and a few hours to the border check.

And his Kindle battery dead.


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