Random snippets

Good morning Canada, good evening Vietnam, and good whatever to everyone else in between!

One of my classes finished last week so I have more free time today. I drank 2 coffees to over-stimulate myself and am waiting for the repairman to come to my new house in District 2 to repair the flat I got this morning.

It costs a little bit less than $8 to have the guy come here to repair it for me. If anyone is wondering, I rent from Tigit Motorbikes.

Let’s continue with the anecdotes of my early adventures in Vietnam, since it’s fun to write and fun to read.

After the siren of Lao Cai, Claudio and I made our way to Hanoi, 2nd biggest city in Vietnam and official capital of the country. I didn’t visit much of Hanoi to be honest, I much preferred walking around aimlessly and I got sick from the weather after a few days. I ended up staying at a hotel with dorms for a week, wasting time on their computers, and that’s when I noticed that Vietnam was in need of a LOT of teachers.

Yes folks, the idea to become a teacher became a real option only in October 2014.

My first night in Hanoi was spent sitting on tiny plastic benches right on the street in front of a tiny restaurant (more like a house with a keg) in the middle of the Old Quarters, or Backpacker Country. Claudio and I got pretty drunk drinking the 25-cents beers and chatting up strangers and due to our loud invitations to anyone who would listen, we soon had a group of around 10 people.

At 11 pm is the Hanoi curfew and all the businesses had to close. Thinking that our night was over, we started to look for a store where we could buy beer and go drink in the common area at the hotel, when we were approached by a young Vietnamese man who offered to take us to a “secret club”. Since we were 10 people and had no fear of being mugged, we decided to follow him.

He took us to what looked like a hotel’s reception (the details are hazy, as I was in an advanced state at that time of the night) and we all got on an elevator. The man pressed on the 7th floor button and the doors closed. I remember that we were all pretty curious to see where we would end up. As the elevator slowly took us higher and higher in the building, we could hear dance music more and more clearly.

The doors opened and in front of us was a huge, dark room with a few standing tables here and there, VIP couches and a DJ playing in front of an empty dancing floor – only the floor was made of TVs! Ever danced on fire? Done.

A waiter herded us to the “foreigner table” and we soon made even more friends. I don’t really remember what happened next, besides the fact that the drinking escalated and after a while we all ended up having a dance battle, bare-feet on the TV floor.

At around 4 am Claudio and I got enough because we had to get up at 8 for a 2-nights trip to Halong Bay, which was also very nice, but that’s for another post.

Hope you enjoyed, hope it motivates you to come visit.


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