3 years ago

Hello everyone, glad to be back.

I didn’t think that teaching full-time and trying to have original content every day would be so challenging or taxing when I first started to do this.

Coupled with sleeping troubles and after only 2 months of running this blog during each second of down-time (looking for photographers, looking for people who want to be interviewed, writing travelling tips, etc…) and I quickly found myself exhausted. My good friend from home David was coming to visit me, so I decided to take a 2 weeks vacation from the blog.

I have a few things coming up, but I just remembered that a year ago, I was finally landing on foreign soil in my first trip – and the first step to a completely different new life.

November 7th, 2012, I was landing on Siargao, Philippines to meet up with my good friend from home Damien. A  couple of days later I found myself doing an epic 3-day trip by boat and bus to meet up with another of our crew’s members and his girlfriend, Anthony and Catherine. A week after that and we were all in Thailand with our friend Marc. It was quite memorable.

So, to commemorate, here’s what I wrote back then, directly translated from French. Enjoy!

Day 1!

I’ve finally arrived at my destination’s airport, after 30+ hours spent flying and waiting.

3 hours of sleep total.

The airport is simply a tiny 3-wall, one-room house, made of a toilet and a waiting area. Your luggage is unloaded right on the tarmac.

A taxi waits for me, to take me to my “resort”. It’s a little green truck decorated with pink flowers. There’s no walls in the back, just a railing. I get a good view of the scenery and a lot of wind while riding. It just rained, the streets are still wet.

It’s just me and an Australian in the back of the truck. He offers me a beer, which he takes from a cooler sitting close by. We talk about why we’re here. He broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years and decided to go travel the world with his true love, his surf board.
Siargao is home to Cloud 9, one of the best surf waves in the world.

The ride to the hotel is hard to describe, as are the feelings taking hold of me. I’ve never travelled in a “poor” country before, have never seen anything like it. I’m soaking up the scenery.

Miniature 3-wheeled trucks keep taking us over, as well as motorbikes and scooters, non-stop.

Sometimes, kids sit on the roof of these tiny trucks. Sometimes, they’re driving them. By themselves.

The houses are mostly made of wood and leaves, with only 3 walls. Men dark as copper labour in the rice fields with their water buffaloes, knee-deep in water. I didn’t know it was the rainy season.

Every time we stop or a motorbike passes us, children greet us and try to chat us up. Their English is perfect.

I arrive at Kermit Surf and Dive Resort. Roosters chants greet me, as well as my friend Damien, being a mollusc in a hammock.

He slowly gets up and offers me a triple rum n coke that costs 40 pesos ($1.33 USD), which is cheaper than the simple. We find out that rum is cheaper than coca here.

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