Es-tu Fou? By Jean-Philippe Lemieux

es tu fou

This bird is called Fou de Bassan (Crazy of Bassan). We can find about 260 000 of them on the Bonaventure island, in Gaspésie, which is one of the biggest colonies in the world. In the background, there’s the café that belongs to a friend of mine, in one of the small villages off the shore of the St -Lawrence river. That day, I learned why they are called Fou de Bassan. When you see them from the shore, they fly down and dive into the water but never come out with any fish in their mouth. So people tend to say that they are fucking crazy! What people don’t know is that they dive so deep, that they have time to eat their fish while still below the water! By Jean-Philippe Lemieux

2 thoughts on “Es-tu Fou? By Jean-Philippe Lemieux

  1. This is how low the Nepalese newspapers can go the house shown in the picture in not in Binaslaaghr but it Baluwatar near my house, there is buz that the owner of this house is Mr. Mukti Shrestha, advocate who bought this from the money he got as Maoist.


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